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23 Mar 2016

Whenever I hear any Bon Jovi songs I will be reminded of that time period which i went to a Bon Jovi concert on Saturday 6th July 1996. The concert on the Milton Keynes Superbowl was at the end from the mammoth Nowadays tour that going on 26th April 1995 in the Andheri Stadium Bombay, India and ended on 19th July 1996 in the Helsinki Olympic Stadium.

Rod Stewart
It took my boyfriend and myself over Three hours they are driving to Milton Keynes and we were required to queue for 4 hours until 2pm to get involved with the Superbowl. It was one particular quirky English weather days, 60 seconds or so ab muscles hot sun was beating recorded on us and subsequently there were torrential freezing cold rain.

When we had the arena we had...